About Me Pat's Longarm Quilting and Embroidery Services | Deridder, LA

My business opened in 2013 with an embroidery machine and a standard quilting machine in a spare bedroom. Very soon I realized I wanted more.  At this point, I began looking at “Gammill” longarm quilting machines.  I immediately purchased my machine (Big Bertha) and began my journey to quilting with a computerized machine. Today I have increased my workspace in order to accommodate my love for quilting.

I believe quilting is an art that has been forgotten.  Many quilted items are available in mass quantities today in stores like Walmart, Target, etc… such quilts lack creativity in design,  fabric selections, and workmanship. Quilts made by those of us who have a desire to produce items of quality should be looked upon as works of art. I am passionate about the work I put into creating and quilting a wide variety of items:  table runners,  placemats, quilts of all sizes as well as many other items.

I value love, dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, honesty, integrity, and spirit as I strive to create someone’s treasured heirloom.  My quilts portray these qualities.