Pricing Pat's Longarm Quilting Services | Deridder, LA

Quilt Pricing

Everyone wants to know how much money they are going to be spending prior to making the decision to “go for it”. I am no different and I bet your aren’t either. The cost of quilting is based upon the actual measurements of your quilt or item to be quilted. Quilters charge by the square inch. Most quilters have a price that is based upon the amount and type of design you are looking for. Following is an example of the way I charge for my services.

Simple over-all meander quilting including Edge to Edge (E2E or B2B) $0.02 per sq. inch - (2 cents per sq. inch)
Custom Quilting - many designs and SID (Stitch in the Ditch) $0.04 per sq. inch - (4 cents per sq. inch)
Hand Binding $0.20 per linear inch
Machine Binding $0.15 per linear inch
Pick Up (Remote Location) Parking Lot, Business, Residence, etc. $35.00
Drop Off (Remote Location) Parking Lot, Business, Residence etc. $35.00
Studio Drop Off/Pick up (My Shop/Home) No Charge
Mailing ( Items may be shipped to me for quilting) Customer will pay shipping cost to and from my Studio (shop).
Minimum Setup Charge $30.00


  • Your quilt measures 75″ x 80″. Multiply 75″ x 80″ = 6,000 sq. inches. 6,000 x 0.02 = $120.00 for meander, E2E or B2B
  • Multiply 75″ x 80″ = 6,000 sq. inches. 6,000 x 0.04 = $210.00 for Custom Quilting
  • Hand Binding (75 x 2) +( 80 x 2) = 310 linear inches time $0.20 per linear inch = $62.00
  • Machine Binding (75 x 2) = (80 x 2 ) = 310 Linear inches times $0.15 per linear inch = $46.50

Custom quilting:

This type of quilting is much more expensive and must be discussed with me before the job is accepted. (Custom quilting consist of a variety of patterns placed in blocks, sashings, borders, etc. The borders may or may not have the same design throughout). SID is considered custom work as well.  Please contact me if you are needing custom work.

These prices are for quilting only. Other purchased items are as previously stated. These will be added to the cost of quilting.


​​Quilt Top

Preparing your quilt top is one of the most important things you will do before sending it out to be quilted.  Please be sure you have taken the time to cut all loose threads from both the front and back of your top.  In addition,  make sure all outside seams have been backstitched or securely tied as they can come apart once the quilt is placed onto the quilting frame.  You will need to send your quilt top and backing pressed and squared up.  It is certainly not often that I face the need to take the time to do this for you.  However, in the event that I do receive an item that has not been squared and pressed I will need to charge for these services.  Those charges are as follows:

Squaring up the quilt $10.00
Pressing the top and lining $10.00
Seaming the backing $10.00
Trimming loose threads or uneven blocks, borders, and sashings $10.00


You certainly may provide your own backing if you so choose. However, please keep in mind that your backing must be at least 8″ wider and 8″ longer than your quilt top.  You will need to seam your backing if you are using regular fabric. Please be sure you are happy with the placement of the seam as it will show once your quilt has been quilted. Also, please make sure you cut all selvages before you seam the pieces together. Fabric will shrink and selvages tend to shrink differently. This can cause a pucker in your backing once it is quilted. Be sure you use a 5/8″ to 1″ seam allowance for the backing and PLEASE press the seam to one side as this will provide added strength to the backing when quilted. Seams pressed open tend to pull in opposite directions and can actually separate during the quilting process. I will seam the backing if necessary. You must have the fabric cut and ready to be seamed prior to sending the quilt top to me.  If the quilt is to be custom quilted, the backing must be 12″ wider and 12″ longer on all sides.  This extra fabric is an absolute must for the machine to operate during the custom quilting process.


You may provide your own batting. However, it must be at least 8″ wider and 8″ longer than the quilt top. I must have the extra batting in order to attach your quilt top to my quilting frame. I use Hobbs 80/20 batting and much prefer it over many others. Please understand that some batting will not work on a longarm quilting machine, therefore, I ask that you contact me before sending your batting.   I will be more than happy to get your preferred batting if you will let me know your preference.

Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly, $0.25 per inch based on the shortest side of the quilt
Wool Batting (used for loft) You will be charged the same price I pay at the time of purchase.
Batting of Your Choice Must be sent with the quilt top and backing.


I use Omni by Superior thread. However, if you prefer a different brand, I will work with you. This seems to be the most durable and works the best in my machine. I do not recommend the use of a different colored thread for the bobbin.  However, in the event you decide to have a different colored bobbin thread there will be added fees.  The charges are as follows:

First thread color No charge unless it is variegated then the charge will be $11.00 per cone.
Multiple thread colors $6.00 per cone for each color.
Bobbin thread same color as top No charge for same color.
Multiple bobbin colors $3.00 per bobbin per color change